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明镜台 Ming Jing Tai by Neleta


Applying heavy makeup before the vanity,


And good;

Yi Chongren, a castrated devil Huo Feng vowed to destroy even if it meant becoming a demon himself,

Yet in the blink of an eye, he was deeply bewitched;


And good;

In the midst of a chaotic world, good and evil were hard to define;

Huo Feng was forced into despair by evil, indignant yet unrelenting;

But on this road he can’t turn back on, he couldn’t help but think of that person as good,

Chongren, Chongren,

Do you want to be reborn, or force others into rebirth?

Yi Chongren, Huo Feng,

Two people not meant to intersect,

Because of various goods and evils,

Forever intertwined[1]

[1] 剪不断理还乱: line from the poem 相见欢 (Joyful Rendezvous) by Li Yu

Poem translation I found online: 

In seclusion I ascend the west tower in silence,

a hook of a new moon hangs above.

On guarded grounds lonesome phoenix trees apprehend the works of a brisk fall.

Sever not, reasons fail, (the line that was used in the summary)

it is parting sorrow but sweet it is not.

It is a taste of something else on the hook, on my mind it frees me not.

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