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MJT Chapter 23


Trigger warning: Explicit rape and mentions of castration. I think I’m pretty bad at writing smut so constructive criticism is appreciated.

The belt was thrown off the bed, and not long after, the crimson official robes and white inner robes followed. When he felt a chill on his upper body, Yi Chongren abruptly woke up.

“What are you doing!”

Laying half naked under a man, Yi Chongren’s face turned deathly white, the words “you dare” appearing in his eyes. Huo Feng couldn’t care less about Yi Chongren’s threats. He straightened up and took off his nuisances layer by layer. Soon, he was half naked like Yi Chongren.

“Huo Feng, if you dare, I’ll definitely kill you!”

Yi Chongren’s eyes were bloodshot, not caring that the other party was the emperor that could crush him to death with one finger.

Huo Feng bent over and kissed Yi Chongren’s lips. After a brief taste, a deep kiss as fierce as a storm followed. Yi Chongren understood the ways of the world, but he had only ever heard about it and never experienced it himself. His threats and viciousness were immediately defeated by Huo Feng’s masculine aggression. Adding to the fact that he was drugged and drunk, the tongue that drilled into his mouth easily sucked away all his resistance. He only felt that the top of the bed was spinning.


Yi Chongren didn’t know how attractive sounds he let out were, and Huo Feng’s pants became more and more rough and heavy. The lustful beast in his heart broke free from the prison of reason the moment he touched Yi Chongren, only wanting to swallow this person that he had been thinking of for too long into his stomach.

—— “You are a coward.”

No! I’m not a coward! I will prove to you that I’ve become the ruler of this world!

——- “…… hundred thousand troops in his hand could be bullied to such an extent by an accursed castrated dog……”

 You saw I was useless. How should I punish you? I want to block off your mouth and let you know just how courageous I am, make your thin lips unable to say another word to irritate me.

—— “I’ve always looked down on you, now even more so.”

You look down on me because I’m not in your heart. I want to capture your heart, I want you to only know how to say you want me while under me!

—– “but you, you can’t even compare to a castrate!”

Castrate……castrate……Chongren, is this what you think of yourself? No, you aren’t just a castrate. Did you know that to earn your respect, I would even be willing to put my life on the line? No matter whether you’re a castrate or not, the first time I saw you again after rushing to Jade City Pass for days and nights, my uncontrollable desire let me understand why I couldn’t never forget you. It turned out, I unknowingly fell in love with you long ago. You, took away my children; and took away my heart. Chongren, you’re the one who provoked me.

Separating from Yi Chongren’s swollen red lips, looking at the other party’s blurred eyes, Huo Feng breathed heavily and searched Yi Chongren’s body. Soon, he found two arrow wounds on the other party’s shoulder and arm. Then, he turned Yi Chongren over and a scar that ran across his entire back came into view. In addition to that, many small and large scars were scattered throughout Yi Chongren’s pale body.

Yi Chongren gasped hurriedly, but without waiting for him to calm down, a wetness licked his back. He couldn’t help but groan, body burning from a certain kind of fire. Huo Feng licked along that long sword wound, a hand teasing the erect red blossoms onYi Chongren’s chest and Yi Chongren’s inexperienced response aroused his swelling desire.

Palm smoothly sliding down Yi Chongren’s lean body, finding the drawstring of his trousers, Huo Feng pulled. At this moment, Yi Chongren immediately sobered up, and grabbed Huo Feng’s hand with sudden strength.

“Go away!”

The rosiness on Yi Chongren’s face disappeared without a trace.

“I want you. Tonight.”

Yi Chongren gritted his teeth: “Scram!”

“I want you!”

Huo Feng took off his own pants and underwear, clamoring male desire bared before Yi Chongren. Yi Chongren’s chest rose and fell violently, eyes filled with killing intent.

“Destroy my martial arts or cut off my limbs. Otherwise, I will definitely kill you!”

Huo Feng grabbed both sides of Yi Chongren’s pants with both hands and bent over to kiss his chest, hoarsely saying: “You are the father of my children, and I’m the imperial father of your son. We should be together. Chongren, I like you, I’ve fallen for you.”

Yi Chongren’s body trembled, and the next moment, Huo Feng tore off his pants without hesitation. Yi Chongren’s head buzzed, couldn’t hear anything, couldn’t see anything.

———-“Lord Wang, this small matter is disrespectful. This child is my distantly related nephew. His parents are deceased. I took pity on him and brought him into the palace. Have some mercy and spare some thoughts for this child.”

——- “That won’t do, castration isn’t clean. I can’t be blamed for committing a crime or getting found out.”

—— “Lord Wang, don’t worry. If something really happens, I’ll take care of it myself. The palace head doesn’t “supervise” the eunuch selection. Lord Wang, show some mercy, this child will definitely be deeply grateful towards you. In the future, if he can enter the Hu An guards, he will definitely report your excellency’s kindness.”

—— “ No no, this child looks good, it’ll be hard to prevent people from taking a fancy to him. If he exposes me, ten heads won’t be enough to chop.”

—— “Lord Wang, please be kind, if this child had someone to rely on outside of the palace, I wouldn’t let him enter the palace. You only need to spare some thoughts for this child. I’ll take care of him, please be kind. You also said this child looks good. If his body is a bit better, maybe one day someone who takes a fancy to him one day will thank you for having mercy.”

—- “En……ok. But his male root can’t remain, it’ll be easy to blow his cover. Go back and do it……you have to remember, otherwise, if he grows a beard, he’ll die from a thousand cuts.”

—- “Thank you, your excellency, thank you, your excellency! I’ll remember.”

Huo Feng stared at Yi Chongren’s lower body, mind confused. Yi Chongren’s that place wasn’t completely cut off, leaving two immature balls, and the other part was obviously castrated before but grew back, half a finger long. Huo Feng’s eyes turned hot. This person always called himself a castrate, but in fact wasn’t a castrate. This person only got injured there. This person was a man, a real man.

Huo Feng pulled apart Yi Chongren’s legs, crawling on top of him, opened his mouth towards that thing that was once heavily injured and sucked it.


Yi Chongren, who had fallen into a nightmare, was suddenly surrounded with warmth. Once he realized where this warmth came from, his head buzzed once more and his heart felt like it was beaten by a heavy hammer.

That place……that place……Yi Chongren was stupefied, dazed, stunned, that place, his place……


Body shaking, that place was, was……even if Yi Chongren could become calm, at this moment, he didn’t know how to act at all. His most inferior, most ashamed place, was held by that person’s mouth, that person, was even the high and mighty emperor!

He knew how eunuchs served men. He had personally seen how the Jiazheng emperor favored eunuchs. Not to mention kissing or licking, the Jiazheng emperor saw that place as disgraceful. The serving eunuchs had to first lay on the bed exposing that desired spot and clean and lubricate well in advance. After the Jiazheng emperor was satisfied, the eunuchs had to put on their pants with their backs facing him and immediately climb off the bed. And at this time, this person, was actually using his mouth! So what if he wasn’t completely castrated? This body was just a sign of mercy. He still couldn’t be considered a man!

A strange sensation spread from the place where he was held to his limbs and then his whole body. Yi Chongren suddenly panicked. He forcefully raised his hand to push Huo Feng, to hit Huo Feng. Go away! Go away!

Huo Feng easily subdued Yi Chongren’s hands, and despite the other’s struggles, interlocked their fingers, tongue meticulously licking every part of Yi Chongren’s place.

“Scram! Scram! Huo Feng! Scram!”

Something slid down from the corner of Yi Chongren’s eyes. Huo Feng, who kept paying attention to Yi Chongren, naturally saw it. But he definitely couldn’t retreat, this was his only opportunity. Huo Feng released him, caught Yi Chongren’s waist, and let him lay down. Then he raised his lower body and separated his anal lobes.

“Huo Feng!”

Yi Chongren’s calm and reason had long been shattered. He was screaming in his heart for Huo Feng to scram. That place, how could that asshole lick that place! But his mouth couldn’t scream out. His entire lower body was licked by Huo Feng. Yi Chongren turned his head, long, black hair flowing to both sides of his pale, scarred back. Something kept slipping from his eyes, sliding down both cheeks.

“You……go away……”

“Chongren, I want you.” 

Huo Feng stuck on Yi Chongren’s back, kissing that sword wound, rubbing his thumb against that certain wet place on Yi Chongren’s body.

“I will, kill you……I definately, will!”

Yi Chongren’s lips trembled.

“Dying under the peony is also romantic[1].”


Yi Chongren tightly gritted his teeth.

“Relax, Chongren, you’re too tight.”


“You’ll get hurt. I already can’t endure anymore.”

“Wu!” It hurts!



Yi Chongren had never been so embarrassed before, and he broke out in a cold sweat. It hurts, it hurts so much!

“This is also my first time, you should cooperate.”


“Ya! I forgot the lubricant.”

“If you dare to use it on me I’ll definitely kill you!”

“But you’re too tight.”

“You dare!”

Huo Feng withdrew his finger. This person wasn’t willing, so he could only give this person the lubricant.


Yi Chongren bit his own arm, not letting himself call out. He would definitely, kill that asshole!

That night was a chaotic night. After using three fingers, Huo Feng couldn’t endure any longer. He flipped over Yi Chongren so that he was facing him. Huo Feng raised Yi Chongren’s legs, and lifted his own erect member to cruelly pry apart Yi Chongren’s body. Yi Chongren slid his nails down Huo Feng’s back, leaving three long scratches. All the muscles on Huo Feng’s body clenched, both hands holding Yi Chongren’s waist, seeming to punish the other party for his disrespect. In one fell swoop, he directly forced into his deepest parts, and Yi Chongren felt that this moment was worse than death, it hurt too much.

“Chongren, let’s be together.”

Yi Chongren opened his mouth and panted heavily, eyes blank. Huo Feng didn’t say anything else, and he bent over to kiss Yi Chongren’s trembling lips, waist moving slowly. Ji Di had said before that this person was an eunuch, so it would be very difficult for him to feel anything during sex. When he kissed this person before, he thought this person was actually very sensitive. After looking at this person’s body, he understood why this person was sensitive. This person, could feel the joy he gave him.

Unlike his cold temperament, Yi Chongren’s body was unusually hot, seeming to almost melt Huo Feng. These six years, other than fighting, Huo Feng only had one person in his heart from beginning to end. Once he realized why he kept thinking of that person, his shock passed in a blink of an eye. Spending most of his time in the army, Huo Feng wasn’t a stranger to male preferences, especially now that he was the emperor. This wasn’t uncommon in the palace. After being “tormented” by Yi Chongren for six years and understanding his own heart, Huo Feng chose to face it. If he didn’t capture Yi Chongren, he would definitely regret it. He had already done many regretful things in this lifetime. This time, he would strike decisively.

Feeling his cock wrapped in scorching warmth, Huo Feng couldn’t help but groan, Chongren, Chongren. He felt more ecstasy from obtaining this person’s body than the pleasure of thrusting. Looking at this single person laying under him naked, he couldn’t help but shoot.

For the first time, Yi Chongren understood that a cock could be so hard, hard enough to kill him. It hurt, it hurt so much, but this pain also caused an inexplicable throbbing in his heart. Huo Feng’s hard member seemed to pierce through both his body and his heart.

A scorching body quite a bit broader than his own surrounded him, and the definite masculine aura rendered him unable to refuse the invasion into his mouth and the entanglement of his tongue. Strength seeming to come back to him, Yi Chongren angrily left more scratches on Huo Feng’s body; but his strength seemed to disappear again and he was left unable to push away the person wreaking havoc on his body.

The two people’s breaths intertwined, you in me, me in you. The painful numbness on his lower body gradually gave rise to a different feeling. Yi Chongren’s fingers held by Huo Feng couldn’t help but tighten their hold. As the two people’s lips entangled together once more, he ruthlessly bit the other party’s lips. The taste of blood spread across the two people’s mouths, and the next moment, Yi Chongren opened his mouth and let out repeated groans. This was, this was……


“Chongren, do you feel something? Is it here?”

What “here”? Yi Chongren’s nails sunk into the back of Huo Feng’s hands, unable to control the shouts breaking out of his throat. Huo Feng didn’t ask any more, and the pale face of the man below him turned rosy. Those groans were full of emotion because of him. It was here, the place that let that person feel pleasure was here.

The rhythm became smoother and smoother, and Huo Feng lost all reason. He stared at the man swaying underneath him with eyes like a wild beast and used his own hardness to make the other party let out even more pleasing sounds. This person, was finally his. 

All the senses of the two were connected. When Huo Feng suddenly increased his speed like an out of control bull, Yi Chongren felt that he might die. A violent heat swept across his whole body, and a wave of numbness converged at his ravaged place. Huo Feng’s breaths brought a frightening low roar, and Yi Chongren screamed many times. Something burst inside his body, followed by a strong collision from Huo Feng, and then, a warm fluid shot into him.

It was finally over……finally, over……Yi Chongren didn’t know whether he should push away Huo Feng first or feel for the dagger under his pillow to kill the other party first. But without giving him the time to finish thinking, the person on top of him started moving again.

“Chongren, let’s be together.”

Mouth caught, Yi Chongren’s raised hand gradually fell down and was then captured by the man. He didn’t reply to Huo Feng, only forcefully biting the other party’s adams apple. Stop saying such foolish words, they couldn’t be together.

Not surprised by Yi Chongren’s reaction, Huo Feng, whose Adam’s apple was bitten by the other party, didn’t force Yi Chongren to answer him. 

A moment in spring is worth a thousand gold. The night was still long. For the first time in six years, he wanted to eat his fill.

[1]  from the kunqu 醉西施. I’m too lazy to explain.


3 responses to “MJT Chapter 23”

  1. I feel for Yi Chongren. He has no idea what’s happening to his body. It’s all automatic and if he thought his body would never respond… given he never had those feelings either way. If anything, what he saw was abusive and denigrating to men.
    And to make it worse, Yi Chongren who is always controlled, is totally drugged and out of control. It’s a miracle Hou Feng is left alive! (Thank goodness it’s fiction bc what a way to start a relationship.)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Huo Feng is very conflicted in his feelings. He’s angry at Yi Chongren for calling him a “coward” so many times. He’s angry thinking that YCG is helping him because he’s incompetent. Rape is angry and an assault.

    Liked by 1 person

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