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MJT Chapter 25


Trigger warning : Sexual content

Zhang Huaiqiu once again visited Ningshen palace. Yi Chongren, who had been lying in bed for five days, sat in the courtyard basking in the sun. The weather was cool, and the midday sun wasn’t especially harsh, making people drowsy. These few nights, Huo Feng didn’t stay at Ningshen palace overnight, as if that night really was just a drunken stupor. Huo Feng never admitted what he and Yi Chongren did. Though everyone was well aware, the emperor didn’t admit it, and Yi Chongren didn’t admit it, so this matter could be considered ambiguous. Huo Feng hadn’t established himself as the emperor for long, so he didn’t want the officials to pay too much attention to Yi Chongren. Of course, this was also to protect Yi Chongren. As for whether Yi Chongren needed this or not, Huo Feng didn’t take that into account.

Yi Chongren wasn’t curious about why Zhang Huaiqiu came. After the other party sat down, he poured the other party a cup of tea as usual, and then looked up at the sky, thinking about who knows what. Zhang Huaiqiu took a sip of tea, poured himself another cup, and then said: “Are you and his majesty together?” The eye catching hickeys on Yi Chongren’s neck were visible to all who weren’t blind.

Yi Chongren’s eyes gradually turned towards Zhang Huaiqiu, revealing an indistinct bearing that made Zhang Huaiqiu’s eyebrows scrunch into a “川”. People who have tasted the flavor of lust will naturally change, not excluding Yi Chongren.

“What’s the attitude of all those people in the court now?” Yi Chongren replied with a question. This question could also be considered an answer to Zhang Huaiqiu.

“Are you really with his majesty now?!” Zhang Huaiqiu obviously found it difficult to accept.

Yi Chongren unhurriedly looked towards the sky and said with a bit of languidness: “Each takes what he needs. Do you think I’d forget myself just because of receiving his favor? Or think losing my body is a matter of life or death? Huaiqiu, I only chose what’s most advantageous for me.”

“What did you choose?”

Yi Chongren’s thin lips opened: “I want him to not touch women for ten years.”

“This is what you see as most advantageous?” Zhang Huaiqiu was going crazy. How could Chongren willingly resign himself to a position below another man! He was so proud!

“What do you think I should do? Kill him?” Yi Chongren mocked himself, “I want to give him a taste of his own medicine, but I’m unable to do anything about it.”

Zhang Huaiqiu’s expression turned dark: “Why ten years?”

“Ten years is enough for me to establish myself in court.” Yi Chongren said confidently: “In ten years, Douzi and Baozi will have grown up, not to mention the crown prince. At that time, even if he raises an empress, I won’t have no way out. If he gains other heirs, they won’t be a threat to Douzi and Baozi.”

Zhang Huaiqiu understood clearly: “You’re doing it for the crown prince and Douzi?”

Yi CHongren didn’t deny it. Zhang Huaiqiu subsequently asked something that made him stunned on the spot: “Do you like his majesty?”


When he returned to his senses, Zhang Huaiqiu had already left. Yi Chongren vaguely remembered that the other party seemed to say something about helping him. He trusted that Zhang Huaiqiu would help him, but why would Huaiqiu think he liked that person? Like…… after he was castrated, those kinds of feelings lost any connection to him. Huo Feng was a man, an emperor. How could he like that person?! Everything he did was for himself, for the three children who called him dad. He couldn’t possibly like Huo Feng, never! But why was his mood so bad? Yi Chongren lost his mood to drink tea and stood to leave, locking himself in the room.

Huo Feng knew that Zhang Huaiqiu went to find Yi Chongren. It would be false to say that Huo Feng didn’t mind the two people’s relationship. However, he was the first person to obtain Yi Chongren’s body, and Yi Chongren agreed to be with him for ten years, so Huo Feng suppressed these thoughts in the bottom of his heart. Yi Chongren’s reaction after the matter exceeded his expectations, giving him even more confidence, especially because he still had three big bargaining chips in his hand.

At night, Huo Feng, who hadn’t seen Yi Chongren in a day,  went to Ningshen palace. Yi Chongren had spent his whole afternoon in the house. Huo Feng knocked on the door that was locked from the inside, and after a while, Yi Chongren finally opened it. Huo Feng naturally held Yi Chongren’s hand and raised his foot to enter the room, saying: “I’ll rest here tonight.”

Yi Chongren looked at their joined hands, silent. Closing the door, Huo Feng silently embraced the man. Yi Chongren didn’t calmly let him hug himself, struggling free. Zhang Huaiqiu’s question perturbed Yi Chongren’s heart. Facing Huo Feng at this moment, he only felt uncomfortable all over, not to mention the area where he was being hugged by the other party.

The two people’s relationship just took a step forward, and Yi Chongren wasn’t one to act coquettishly in front of others, so Huo Feng didn’t think too much about Yi Chongren’s unwillingness. He understood that there was still a long road ahead to close the distance between their hearts and learn to love each other. Huo Feng also understood that Yi Chongren was willing to give him ten years mostly out of consideration for himself and the children. But he wasn’t in a hurry. Obtaining Yi Chongren’s promise for ten years, he could obtain the other party’s company until their hair grew white. As for why he was so persistent towards Yi Chongren, Huo Feng never thought about it deeply. He already understood the reason behind wanting to catch him many years ago. In the contest between the two, Huo Feng wanted to take the initiative, grasp every opportunity to take the initiative.

Hugging the man once more, Huo Feng said with some weariness: “Let me hold you for a bit.”

A scorching breath sprayed by his ear and goosebumps rose all over Yi Chongren’s body. But this time, he didn’t push Huo Feng away, just standing there, not raising his hands, letting Huo Feng hold him. Heart pounding more chaotic than normal, Yi Chongren furrowed his brows as Zhang Huaiqiu’s question echoed in his ears. No, he didn’t like Huo Feng. The only reason why he couldn’t calm down was that he wasn’t used to such intimacy, especially when the other party was a man, an emperor.

After hugging for the time it takes for a stick of incense to burn, Huo Feng let go of Yi Chongren. From start to finish, Yi Chongren didn’t give the right reaction. Expression cold, conduct cold, he seemed to be telling himself he didn’t like this person, would never like this person.

The crown prince didn’t come for dinner. After eating, Huo Feng let Lu Tao take Baozi and Douzi away and he entered the bedroom holding Yi Chongren’s hand. Although Huo Feng didn’t say anything, his hints were already enough. The moment they stepped into the bedroom, Yi Chongren’s heartbeat rapidly quickened. That bed seemed to be the open mouth of a beast, and Yi Chongren felt a rare sense of tension.

Huo Feng closed the door, and Yi Chongren’s tension appeared especially pleasant in his eyes. Taking the man to the bedside, Huo Feng lightly pushed the stiff Yi Chongren down on the bed and let down the bed curtain.

There was a dagger under the pillow……he didn’t drink, wasn’t drugged, could definitely fight back…… as long as he left this place he could escape……countless thoughts flashed through Yi Chongren’s mind. He couldn’t stop his body from lightly trembling. He knew tonight would be a repeat of that night. That night, he drank and was drugged. This time, he was sober and he could clearly hear his own heartbeat! It was easy for him to say he’d give himself to Huo Feng , but once things came to a head, he found it very hard.

“Chongren, you promised me ten years.”


Huo Feng reminded Yi Chongren before he began moving, and subsequently pressed down. Yi Chongren couldn’t help but push Huo Feng away to try to get out of bed, but the man held him and immediately gave him a scorching kiss behind his ear.


Yi Chongren’s body turned soft at once and the chaotic scene from that night swept past his eyes.

“Chongren, you promised me ten years. Do you regret it?”

Dragging the man back onto bed, Huo Feng’s rough voice made his heart palpitate, made the heart of the person in his arms palpitate.

“My wounds aren’t healed yet.”

Yi Chongren didn’t realize he was still afraid until he said these words. He, who never avoided or retreated, actually lied out of fear! But before he returned to his senses after this shock, his body was once again pushed down. Huo Feng easily tore away Yi Chongren’s belt, breath searing his ears.

“You want to flee? The Yi Chongren I know isn’t a fleeing coward.” Tongue coquettish.

Yi Chongren couldn’t help but groan as he tried to stay calm: “Stimulus is useless on me. I said I’d give you ten years, so I won’t regret it. Could it be that your majesty still doesn’t think it’s time to open up? Last time, your majesty could use the excuse of a drunken stupor. This time, how can your majesty block the mouths of the officials?”

“Xie Ming, Zhang Huaiqiu, and the others are all my people, naturally they won’t say anything. Ruan Xingtian and those officials that followed me also won’t speak frivolously. The rest can be disregarded. Although I need to settle their hearts, I won’t let them be led by the nose. I’m the emperor, the son of heaven. They don’t have a say in this matter. Chongren, we’ve wasted too much time.”

These words had a double meaning. Wildly kissing Yi Chongren’s lips, Huo Feng wouldn’t let this person escape. These lingering emotions had waited for too long. Even though reason reminded him that he should show some restraint, after seeing that person, all that was left was thick desire. If time could rewind, he would definitely take a good look at this person, definitely cherish his person, and not use those vulgar words to humiliate him, hurt him.

Hair intertwining, Huo Feng once again unhesitantly sucked that unspeakable part of Yi Chongren. This wound was not only on Yi Chongren’s body, but also on his heart. Since that person minded it so much, he would use this method to tell this person that he didn’t mind.  Even if this person’s that part was completely cut off, he wouldn’t mind. What he wanted was just a person called Yi Chongren, a person who gave him infinite hope at his most desperate times and nearly threw away his life for him.

Biting down hard on his lips, Yi Chongren held Huo Feng’s head with both hands, wanting to push him away yet also clinging to the comfort of his lips and tongue. Even if that regrown part was stimulated, it wouldn’t swell like a normal man, only becoming slightly hard as if it was still that of a child. Body flipped over, Yi Chongren grabbed the bedsheets as a warm tongue licked his newly recovered place. At this moment, deliberately keeping his private parts clean seemed to be out of love. Tongue probing in, Yi Chongren couldn’t help but groan, spirit seeming to escape his body with each lick.

Feeling chills, Yi Chongren jolted.

“Give me some medicine. Otherwise, you’ll get hurt again. A tongue isn’t as effective as ointment.”

Yi Chongren’s heart sank. He pulled away Huo Feng’s hand, eyes cold: “I don’t need that. Directly come in or get off the bed.”

In the entire world, only Yi Chongren treated Huo Feng so disrespectfully. Huo Feng kissed Yi Chongren’s back and explained: “If you don’t use medicine, you’ll have to stay in bed all day to recover. How will you deal with the inner court? I’m not against letting you recuperate in Ningshen palace all day, but that isn’t like you.”

Yi Chongren tightly pursed his lips. Last time they did it, he stayed in bed for five days. But it just so happened that today once Huo Feng did it, he would be stuck in bed for a few days. Once he healed, this person would come back……what he said was right, without medicine, he probably wouldn’t be able to leave bed. But……once he thought of using medicine, he thought of those eunuchs that knelt on the dragon bed and were favored by the Jiazheng emperor. This was his last shred of dignity. He could give his body to Huo Feng, but he definitely would not let himself become a catamite, a male pet, a bed eunuch.

“Don’t worry, I’ll clean you up later. I won’t let you feel any discomfort. This ointment won’t let you get hurt. It’ll benefit your body.”

Sucking Yi Chongren’s ear as the other party was lost in thought, Huo Feng covered his finger with the ointment and gradually probed into Yi Chongren’s already wet walls. But it was still too tight. Tonight, he didn’t want to hurt him.

Kissing along the scar on his back, the one finger in his body became three, and then four. His body was flipped over, and a sweaty face appeared before him. Both legs were raised by him, and his emptied body was immediately filled with another hardness. Yi Chongren left scratches on Huo Feng’s back to vent.


It still hurt…..that place, was barely enough.

Huo Feng kept caressing those two delicate balls, gradually withdrew and gradually pierced in. Once the whole length entered, he didn’t rush into a rhythm like last time, instead bending over to kiss Yi Chongren’s lips, teasing the other’s passion. With bed matters with Yi Chongren, Huo Feng needed patience.

Two red points on his chest, Yi Chongren gradually sank into the lust Huo Feng gave him. Knowing he was prepared, Huo Feng began to thrust. Two groans escaped the two’s  mouths, one repressed, one satisfied. Gazes entangled, Yi Chongren only felt that his heart was going to burst because of Huo Feng. Scalp numb, Yi Chongren’s nails sunk Huo Feng’s muscular back, that was it!

“Ah! Wu……”

It was here, he didn’t remember wrong. Huo Feng pressed down his body, accelerating the rhythm of his waist, and Yi Chongren’s pale body was instantly dyed a layer of pink. Huo Feng whispered by his ear: “Chongren……call my name…..”


“Chongren, call my name, call……”

“Huo, wu en……Huo, Feng…..”

“Chongren, let’s always be together.”

“Slow—-, ahahah……”

Hair intertwining, fingers interlocked, breaths blending together……he didn’t drink, but why was he this dizzy? He wasn’t drugged, but why did his body lose all strength……how could a man feel such strange emotions under another man, strange, it seemed to be addicting.

At some point, his arms wrapped around Huo Feng’s neck, and at some point, his legs wrapped around Huo Feng’s robust waist. Yi Chongren, who couldn’t escape, had no way to escape, stopped caring about the costs, sinking in the strange senses Huo Feng gave him. At this time, he seemed to forget about his bodily damage, only knowing that his original self could also have desire, could feel the joy of desire, feeling like he was floating to immortality[1].

It wasn’t clear who released first. The liquid spurted by Yi Chongren was wiped onto Huo Feng, and the dragon essence spurted by Huo Feng was completely given to Yi Chongren. Their kiss wasn’t as strong as in the beginning, but even more intoxicating. Huo Feng left a special mark on Yi Chongen’s neck to let others know that this person belonged to him. When their lips and tongues separated, silver threads connected, and Huo Feng held the hand Yi Chongren stuck on his face. The two gazed at each other, something circulating between them.

This moment, silence was better than sound. Huo Feng closed his eyes and rubbed Yi Chongren’s palms that though not delicate, made him especially infatuated. At this time, the scorching sun was in the sky, and the man’s cold hands calmly wiped away his sweat and cut off his drawstring, stealthily stuffed the crown prince’s token into his hand. Chongren……. Chongren……

“Did you feed me the ‘Tian Xin pill’?”

Huo Feng’s waist gradually began moving rhythmically. Yi Chongren still hadn’t calmed down from what just ended so it took him a while to understand what Huo Feng’s question meant.


Seeming to answer and seeming to groan, Yi Chongren’s eyes were half closed, appearing as if he was exposed. Huo Feng didn’t continue asking, he already received the answer he wanted. Huo Feng didn’t say anything else, whole heart engrossed in the pleasure of lovemaking. He believed that he wasn’t the only one to feel such pleasure.



On the bed, Huo Feng wrapped his arms around Yi Chongren’s waist from behind, and the exhausted Yi Chongrn rested with his back facing Huo Feng, drowsy. After two times, Huo Feng laid down the flag and stilled the drums. This was also the reason why Yi Chongren wasn’t done until unconscious. Huo Feng did as he promised and personally cleaned up Yi Chongren after they finished, even giving him medicine. Yi Chongren wanted to do it himself at first, but Huo Feng refused to leave, and he didn’t dare to do these things right in front of him. He already saw everything anyway, so he relaxed.



Yi Chongren fell asleep quickly.

“Why did you kill Sima Xian? Did you think I couldn’t?”

Huo Feng kept brooding about this matter. Okay, he still minded how Yi Chongren called him a foolish coward.

Just wanting to quickly go to sleep, Yi Chongren murmured: “I don’t allow things from outside my plans to appear……just a charlatan overestimating his abilities……I’m going, to sleep……”

Unable to support his head up any longer, Yi Chongren’s head sank and he directly fell into his dreams. Hs body was different from normal people, so he was especially tired after sex. Behind him, Huo Feng sank into thought, and gradually, a pleasant smile appeared on his lips. In that case, this person was planning to help him win the world from the beginning. If anyone messed with his plans, he’d kill them. Killing Zhang Zhong and Sun Jiyu, killing Sima Xian, planting saboteurs by Noble Consort Ru’s side……everything was for him.

Huo Feng was both distressed and happy. Distressed because Yi Chongren didn’t believe in his strength; happy, naturally because Yi Chongren arranged everything for him. He believed, if Yi Chongren picked someone else, the person sitting on the throne definitely wouldn’t be him. Was it just because he held military power? Huo Feng suddenly wanted to know whether Yi Chongren liked him even a bit. If he wasn’t in his heart, why else would he plan for him to such a degree?

Huo Feng didn’t want to imagine that his love was reciprocated, but he couldn’t stop himself from thinking this way. But Yi Chongren was already dead asleed. He could only hold him tightly and lightly kiss the marks left on his neck. It wasn’t important whether he held feelings towards him or not. This person’s body and heart were all his. With this confidence, Huo Feng closed his eyes. Sooner or later, there would be a day when they could sleep in each other’s arms without burden. That day, wasn’t too far away.

[1]  飘飘欲仙 metaphor that describes someone’s feeling of relaxation and pleasure


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